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CA trip

Short copy of my trip smile

Early flight - long long line.
Army guys find my nail file I missed. oops!
On the plane - headache starts.
Arrive at LA - full fledged migraine
Sleep in the car, take some drugs, sleep for the first 3 hours @in-laws!
E gets me cherry coke.
E’s friends come over, stay up late playing, and talking - got to met some of their girlfriends even.
Sleep late Monday, out to get one last present @best buy.
Play games with boys, help make tons of won-tons (in fishey shapes that are so cute!)
Eat Chinese meal with cousins and aunts.
Sleep sleep until Christmas morn.
Present opening with family.
Cooking, playing, eating christmas dinner
Watching Shrek w/E’s mom for her first time.
Kristine sleeps, E plays games with guys again.
Get up, get ready, drive to airport; stop for Krispy Kremes.
Wait wait wait, read read, and fly home.
SLEEP again smile


Whew!! Action packed ;) lol

darn - you were in LA for xmas? *pout* so was I.. well, we drove back up North that day, but the three days before we were in ventura county! Ack...

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