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uh oh. Last time I woke up, I sneezed a few times and started to feel a sorer throat than normal (my self-diagnosis of cfs includes a sore throat much of the time - but this was feeling worse). Now I have a stuffy head and nose.

Blech - I don’t need to be sick, I have enough to do without that! So I took some sudafed, the only cold meds in the house, and I’m gonna drink a lot of water and try to fend it off.

Did I mention that Megan is having a new years eve party at my house tomorrow night? yeah, so I can’t be sick! I need to be washing blankets for people to cuddle up with while watching movies and straightening up downstairs! I don’t know how many (several of her close friends) or what food I need yet or anything - Meg’s supposed to be working on that, I’m just a house, and she said she didn’t want me spending the night alone smile

So here’s to not getting sicker!


Do you have any Vitamin C tablets? Jason swears by them. He always takes one at the first sign of a sore throat.

Hope you feel better soon and have a fun time tomorrow night!

Bad timing—I’m sorry! And I second the vitamin C tablets (get the kind that dissolve in your mouth with echinacea)—really helped us survive the death flu last month. Hope you feel better in time to celebrate tomorrow!

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