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where did it go?

I have no idea where today went. I truthfully don’t even remember how many naps I took - I went to sit down on the couch and found the remote inside the couch, and vaguely remember cuddling up there, and I musta taken a nap there, but I don’t remember. Goodness.

BUT, I’ve taken 1000 mg of vitamin C and 3-4 large glasses of water (thanks to my new britta picture!) And a couple doses of sudafed, so let’s hope thats enough to counteract any bad things smile

I was sleeping not too long ago and Megan called me to tell me that she still doesn’t know who is coming over tomorrow for our party, and I told her I hadn’t cleaned up much, so after we got off the phone, I did a 20minute mad dash downstairs. I’m a little slow these days, so it wasn’t as productive as some, but I got presents sorted out from the suitcases, and dishes put away, and a bunch of stuff sorted out that just needs to come upstairs. So I’m feeling better. I’m gonna put in another load of blankets before I go to sleep, too smile

For a while during the middle of the day, I got some replies made to emails, and spent a bunch of time working on my new skin and some old pages I’m revamping. Not quite done yet, but they are getting there.

I love my rice maker - I had a nice big bowl of rice for linner (not lunch, not dinner - it was at 2!!). Good lunch with some toast and more water smile

Everytime I go to lay down, I keep thinking about the conversation I need to have with dad. He called me today, and wanted to talk about work, and I am so scared to tell him. He’s picking me up in the morning to take me to work, so I hope to at least plan a time with him to meet then. I need to print out some notes.

E called to check on me, too - he had stayed up all night playing games like I thought he would. Silly boys. He’s having fun smile


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