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My head is so crowded with thoughts....
If its not my goals for the future,
I’m reanalysing my job situation & the fatigue that goes with it.
It makes for an all-the-time headache, 'specially since focusing on one thing is harder.
I want health and happiness.
These aren’t coming so easily and so changes must be adjusted for that.
But how much change? When Where How?
Its so much to deal with
And on top of it all, people are nagging me about the little things I haven’t accomplished. I have nightmares about driving in particular.
How can I sort all of thise out in my brain - even enough to make a decision?
How will I make a good schedule for change when my current schedule is enough to make me flustered and frustrated?
How can I be happy and healthy again when my brain is so full?
Won’t someone just help me decide so its not all on me?
I dream of failure so much and it worries me so.

This was written after a bad work dream in CA and then typed up later

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