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merry christmas!

good morning!!!

I know I shouldn’t be awake, but I kept looking at the clock and that wasn’t productive sleep. I have two more hours until I have to wake up E and get ready to leave for the airport, leaving time to park in long term parking because we are going so early, and then the advised 2hours to get through security. I’m actually kinda nervous about it all. And reading about the story rina-doll posted about: flight diverted after explosive scare doesn’t make me feel super comfortable. But it’ll be okay, right? Yes, it will, I’ve flown down there many times and angels must always fly around my plane.

We did end up getting E a ticket to go back down for New Years. His best friends are having a big party that weekend, and he was thinking about driving back down. That was worrysome to me, so we got a ticket, and he’ll be turning back around and flying again next saturday! I know it will be worth it because he misses the boys a lot. SOOooo, NY will be an alone weekend, or maybe I’ll have my sisters come and visit smile

My headache and sore throat which come and go are here this morning. I’m nervous about overdoing things just to impress the relatives. I asked E if he thought that his mom would notice if I just went and laid down in the middle of something. I sure don’t want to have to draw anymore attention to myself, but it may be necessary. I did way too much today in prep for my party, and I’m paying for it!!

My party yesterday went great. E and I got everything cleaned and happy with plenty of time. I got all the presents wrapped about 20 minutes before they came in. The food was all perfect. We did presents, and it was lots of fun. (I’ll share more of this present-info when I return and have more time to go into detail!)

So I made it through a big busy day of work. I made it through a big busy party at my house. Now I just need to make it through a few days at my in-laws, and the holiday season will be a success smile

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone! I’ll be back on Wednesday, with happy tales, I’m sure smile {{{{big hugs}}}}}}


Have a wonderful holiday, Kristine..! *huge hugs* I’m glad your party went well and I hope that you have a fun time with your in-laws smile

I’m sure the flight will be good too; I’ll pray for extra angels wink

Oh, I completel forgot about your flight today!! I would have waited to post the story until afer you’d gone. : (

Have a WONDERFUL time in California, and merry Christmas, my dear. {{{HUGS}}} Can I come visit you for New Years while E is gone? *gggle*

I hope you have a very safe trip to and from, and that you somehow find the strength and energy to pull through! I’ll be thinking of you—and we hope you both have a very Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a wonderful trip and a very Blessed Christmas!

Merry Christmas Kristine! smile

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I hope you have a wonderfully, magical day filled with family and friends!


Merry Christmas!

merry christmas kristine! have a great time in california! smile

Merry Christmas Kristine!!!! I hope you guys had a wonderful day today smile smile

Hope your family had a great day smile

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