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bloggy notes

My whole world is beautifully different!! I missed my bestest friends (hint, you are all in my sidebar) while I was gone in CA. I am finally getting a chance to go through my daily reads (slowly through the morning between POs), and there’s lots to mention. smile
btw, I have quite a few emails to return. I know I’m doing bad about that, and I know I want to write. I just couldn’t last night!!

  • my Zalary-love has some new skins going on at Catharis She has done so many designs with the same-ish butterfly, and each one is always perfect.
  • You simply MUST go see the pinkness of Robyn! I do so love the new hairdo she has smile
  • Christine has a snowing page that’s new since I was here last smile Very cute!
  • Lee made a glorious winter design - nice and clean and perfect.
  • Mar had a birthday! Yay for wonderful days smile
  • Dawn showed off her loot in a great squarey format. I swear, this girl has such creativity!! smile
  • Dara shared a link to a story about brothers that was really amazing!!
  • I simply MUST remember to add Ashley to my sidebar. I keep coming over here from Robyn’s place instead of my sidebar where she should be!!! Even though she’s not actively updating this week smile
  • Eden redesign, too! (and look, she’s still got her marvin the martian in the cam shot :gigglesmile
  • The lovely miss melanie made a simply lovely design!! She always rocks, but this is so nice!
  • I’ve sure been missing my girls at SI this last week, too. I simply must send some notes. And get some cards in the mail, too smile
  • Look at the new fly and spiffy stuff on Candi’s page! Super-cute!!! smile
  • I agree with Heather of Happy Pills and Heather about this: "It’s an odd feeling to miss people you’ve never actually met and have yet to spend time with" I feel the same way smile
  • I *love* the emerald sky on Sarah’s journal - beautiful redesign, and perfect greens smile
  • A new site I found - Cherry Goddess - neato design smile
  • Erika has a new design up, and I love the font. She does such creative stuff smile
  • Yay for swirley hearts at Jenn’s! I loved this when it was a linkware set in her collection, and its just darn cute as her design smile
  • Oh and my goodness, I haven’t added kathy-bella back to my list. Oops! I definately have some housekeeping to do smile

Can you believe it? Between the work I was doing, it took me from 9AM till now to finish this post? I’m working way hard, and feel so flustered. But I’m so glad to be getting things done, and I’m so glad to finally be posting LOL! smile


Welcome back Kristine!! It sounds like you guys had a great Christmas smile Thank you for the compliment on the new design! I just couldn’t make myself come up with a new look...creative juices are all dried up at the moment I guess :p I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a Happy New Year!!! (((HUGS)))

OMG you linked me! Ooh that makes my day! smile

Good to see you’re getting back in the swing of things again! Thanks for all the new reads (and the hair props *g*)!

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