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christmas for e

So E and I still haven’t had time to get our Christmas gifts for each other. We decided that this year, we would know what we were getting for each other. We haven’t had time to go and get the stuff yet, with being gone and then such a short week back (he’s going back to CA tomorrow). So we plan to scope out
BestBuy and some of the other local stores next week.

He really needs a palm-type device for work, and I would love a cd-burner. So we’ve been looking, and he’s still undecided about which he wants....

A Palm m500palm.jpgor a Handspring Visor Edge visor.jpg

They are almost identical in features. The palm might be a little bit better. Does anybody have any suggestions one way or another?

For my CD burner, I want something internal with a decent speed and a good program that comes with it. I plan to buy a pile of cds and a cd stomper and labels when I get it so I’ll be all stocked up to make some mixes for my friends smile

So isn’t that exciting? I’m looking forward to getting both things smile


Jason has had mucho problems with his Palm. He has a M500 and they have had to send him like 3 new ones... I have heard lots of good things about the Visor though.

for the visor i hear they have this attachment to make it a cell phone.. cool. For burner I have an HP 12x CDRW internal one and it works perfectly, got it for $100

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