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baby names 2001

I’ve always been intrigued by baby names smile So of course, I had to post a link to the Top 10 baby names of 2001.

There are several names in here that I have considered. Kaitlyn (spelled like that!), Nikolas, and Kristopher are all favorites of mine. My kids are gonna have 2 middle names because I love how it looks, and I have so many good ideas. I do believe that Lucy Claire Alexandria is my favorite one right now. I have a whole sheet of paper with names written haphazardly all over it that I’ll have to pull out and type up sometime smile I’d love to use the middle name LeighAnne because my sisters are Megan Lee and Lisa Ann. I just like the alternate spellings better smile Most of my favorite names, however, are girl-names. So I guess we’ll see what happens :giggle:


Apparently my parents were in to the two middle name thing too!

I am Dawn Michelle Elizabeth. Hi. Very nice to meet you. : )

that’s way cool, Dawn!! smile

Go for Kaitlyn! That is my absolute favorite name and I wish I was named it. I also like the spellings Katelyn and Kaitlin, but I think I like Kaitlyn the best. I think Marie and Emma and Margaret are beautiful middle names. I know a girl named Kaitlyn Margaret. I love her name. Anyway yeah. GO FOR KAITLYN! Yeah it’s popular, but obviously a lot of people agree it’s beautiful if they used it. And a popular name is better than a name like Taskaloopia-lynne or MoonUnit. KAITLYN KAITLYN KAITLYN ALL THE WAY!

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