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after christmas return!

I’m back!

My trip went really well, and I brought back lotsa loot. We got visiting time, and some resting time too. But I’m happy to be home. I missed my soft comfy bed after sleeping on a brick down there!! And I really missed my computer, and my wonderful friends online. Its very obvious when I’m gone for 3 days how much I love the interaction that I get from my daily:loves. It sure is great to be back to see how each of your holidays went!!!

I wrote several journal-type essays that I hope to type up at some point today to share. My handwriting isn’t nearly as great as my typing skills, so we’ll see if I can figure out what I was writing :giggle: I also wrote an in-depth analysis of my job, which helped me in a planning session with E on the plane for what my next step will be. I’ll probably type that up for my own help.

The wind is whistling outside; and I’m trying to get reaquanted with the sounds of my house. There was a loud noise a little while ago, and I swear it was too early to be the paper hitting the door. . . . But everything appears to be fine, upstairs and down, so maybe just the wind.

I had a very clear work dream this morning, and I just had to wake up from it. It was so real seeming. Some of these real-feeling dreams are starting to get on my nerves because then I am so tense about certain circumstances, and then I remember that its all because of a vivid dream. Durh, kristine!!! I’m sure that the things I was dreaming of won’t be an issue today like my head thought.

So I have two days of work left this week - its a major push to get all of my inventory stuff in and data recorded to go along with that. So I’ll be busy! Tomorrow night (friday), we are going to a Rodeo as a family (all 8 of us!), and then E leaves for CA again on Saturday-Tuesday. I’m hoping to make plans with the girls for one of those nights to come and stay with me, but I’m looking forward to some alone time to get a few things done, too.

I still have much surfing to do, and some comments to leave on while-I-was-gone-posts... but its so early, and I’m so tired. I think I’ll go and try to lay back down for an hour before I have to get up and shower before E gets up at 5:30.

I’m so happy to be back!!! smile


Glad you are back and had a safe trip!

Welcome back. You were missed!

i have definitely missed you girl and i’m so glad you’re back. but it makes me even more happy to read about your lovely time over christmas. can’t wait to talk to you. mwah!

Welcome home, Kristine! I’m glad you’re back!

It’s great to have you back! I missed your daily entries!

I’m glad you’re back safely smile { { { { Kristine } } } }

Welcome back, Kristine! Glad you had a fun time! smile

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