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job essay

Thoughts and Alternatives

  • I’m enjoying working hard while Leonard is being so agreeable. It gives me a feeling of cooperation and this makes the job more rewarding as well as lets me feeling I’m making a difference.
  • I really enjoy working with the vendors and the customers and dealing with the work I do. The external parts of the job are really exciting to me, and I like that I’ve made working connections with these people.
  • I need time to figure out what’s going on with my body. I know all is not well and leaving the stress of the job behind for a while may allow me to understand where the stress is targetting and how the fatigue would impact me without the stress.
  • I’d really enjoy spending time developing ideas for love-productions and my internet role. I believe I do good work and given time, I might be able to take on design jobs and publicize and network myself better.
  • I may miss the interaction with people
  • Maybe a reduced work week would allow me to not have the same stresses but still help Locatis Leather. If I was to be on call the other days, a raise seems to be in order.
  • Either way, a feisable plan to pay off the remaining owed money needs to be developed ASAP. We want to be saving for a house and right now, we are loaning almost 1/2 of a years salary to LL.
  • How will my job get done if I’m not there? I’m worried about the implications entailed with leaving.
    • A/P - ordering, receiving, entering bills, payments - ?
    • A/R - overseeing invoicing, statements, phone orders - Annette
    • Inventory - working along with A/P responsibilities, production sheets - Annette
    • Computures - updates, troubleshooting, and networking activities - *
    • Analysis and correspondence - all spreadsheets and dad’s personal correspondence as well as form making on demand - some to mom?
    • Payroll - monthly reports and yearly tax analysis that I still am doing - mom
    • Overall Accounting- yearly tax issues, monthly statements for bank, credit card, hi school pharmacy, and general allocation to accounts - *
    • Projects - my role in essential special projects is important to dad; ie. price list revising and mailing - *
    *The mass of this job is just too much for a single person. With the way it is set up, the day to day responsibilities alone keep me active and stressed. With a cutback of the jobs, maybe this would continue to be an option. The *ed items are ones that I am the only person who has done them. I’m not sure how to give them up, but maybe something could be worked out so I could continue?
  • Solutions: notify 1st week of January work 4 day weeks through January work 2 day or 1 day weeks through February 1 day weeks for troubleshooting afterwards? E thinks I should cut my ties after February and plan on that being my last month. I might be willing to go a little further, but only as a special favor to my dad.

This was written in LAX while waiting for my plane, and then discussed on the flight with E. I plan to make it into a script for dialog with my dad.