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where the jobs are

Monster.com: Where the Jobs Are (Career Center feature)—this shows the various areas in which jobs are still being found. I’m not sure if its really helpful to me, but it was interesting, nonetheless.

In our area, the jobs in the classifieds are very much overwhelmed with nursing, dental assistants, and truck drivers. Interesting! smile


c'mon. dont tell me you dont want to drive a big rig! (-:

As a nurse for 11 years and working in the health field for 23 I can understand. We burnt out nurses are calling it quits if we can get into something else. smile I tried, but ended back up in nursing. I hate being pegged. Want desperately to try something new and the the computer related field, but you just can’t get your foot in the door without experience. Never thought I’d face that at this age. Wish you the best on your endevors.

Nursing is the field to be in. Unfortunatly there are 3 year waiting lists here in Northern CA for any RN program. Im finishing as a MA in January then moving to the midwest for nursing school.

Trying to get into the nursing field is just as hard as the computer field.

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