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mhd: lots done

Goodness. I’ve gotten so much done. I’m exhausted, visibly. And I still have tons to do.

Megan and Matthew came over around 1, and wanted to go get something to eat. We stopped at several places before deciding on the new Starlight Diner (Its only been open a week, and its a real old fashion silver diner. Its so neato!). I got to have a real open faced turkey sandwich, like I’d wanted to for so long smile It was perfect!

Then we came home and Megan used my internet to check her grades. She didn’t make a high enough grade in A&P (she needed a C because its a cognant for her major) and will have to retake it sad Poor girl.

Then we made cookies. Lots and lots. Until they left to go to a movie at 5:10. We got lots done, and I did the walking since Meg had hurt herself yesterday. So I’m just dying here with ankle pain now. Oops. But I have cookies all over.

I just laughed until I cried because I was trying to tell E about a new infomercial I saw for a Flavor Wave Oven - because I told him that it was not just convection heat like the oven, but radioactive heat :giggle: I think its really radiation heat or something like that. It was so silly that radioactive heat came out of my mouth. That’s what I get for watching infomercials while half awake at 3am ;)

E’s playing me Avalon’s version of Joy to the World - really neato version.

And now we are gonna watch a Buffy and cuddle and then go to bed. I have lots to do, but I need this cooldown time smile Night!

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