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Its morning. And I’m awake, but slightly fuzzy! I could use another day off badly!

I love it when perfect complimentary songs play after each other when I have it set to shuffle. I just heard two Nichole Nordeman songs, and now Jonatha. so perfect for my mood.

I’m nervous about everything right now. How I’ll get everything done personally. How I’ll get everything work related done. The trip to CA and how on earth I’ll find enough clothes that don’t make me look huge to bring.

Do you suppose that "Do not bring wrapped packages or gifts, which are subject to being opened or confiscated. " means that I can’t even put wrapped presents in checked luggage? Anybody flown lately that knows?

I got a beautiful card this morning in my mailbox from Miss S smile I *love* the angels on it!!!!! And a few days ago, I got one from Alie. I feel all loved and stuff smile

I have more I want to post about, but much to get started on here, so I’ll be back later smile


hey, just FYI - no wrapped presents means no wrapped presents ANYWHERE. they’re doing random checked luggage searches, as well as the standard carry-on checks, which means that any bag you take, whether you check it or carry it on, can be searched. wrap when you get to CA... that’s what we’re doing. i always say, better safe than sorry smile have a great trip!

kristine-y, that’s what my frommy said also. she said that there were airport people who were randomly checking people before and after they’d already gone through the initial checkpoint.

Which, I’m glad they’re being extra-cautious, but it’s still a pain in the butt.

maybe buy some christmas bags and a bit of tissue paper, so when you get to CA you can just toss the presents in the bag - heehee. I’m so lazy! smile

Thank you girls - that helps me, and that also means I don’t have to deal w/wrapping them beforehand. It’ll be a good excuse for me to go upstairs at E’s house and rest for a while during present wrapping. 'Cept that I’m a perfectionist and the wrapping is just as important as the presents for me, so I’m slow. But that’s okay smile

So, ya suppose if I bring a tupperware container of cookies the checkpoint-people will want to eat them instead of let me carry them on the plane? :giggle:

Glad you liked it, darlin'. smile

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