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mental health day

I’m up, I’m up!
I got up and ate breakfast with E, and then took a itsy bitsy little nap. I have a headache that comes and goes all the time, and I thought maybe I could get rid of it, but no luck, so I’ll find the drugs. I’ve talked to Meg, who’s gonna at least come over and help me plan saturday. My to do list has been revised this morning, and I’m working on what order I’ll be doing it in now. Prioritizing smile Seperating the things that must be completed today from the things that can wait until tomorrow evening and saturday morning. I definitely like that I added an "edit this post" link to my index page - makes it easy to make changes (its the | between the permalink and the lovenotes - but you can’t do anything w/it unless you are me!)

I put on a shirt that I wore all summer and loved and its just so tight on me. :grrrr:

Happy Mental Health day! I hope that my day off can extend some love into my favorite peoples lifes smile Be well and think happy thoughts smile

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