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give a little bit

After seeing Christine’s post about commercials, it reminded me that I had wanted to search and see who was on the Gap Commercials. I knew that I should recognize the girls on the all girl one - and I thought it was Sheryl Crow, but I didn’t know for sure the others: "An all female ensemble spot features Sheryl Crow, India.Arie, Lisa Lopes and Liz Phair" Ohhhhh.... See, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pic of Liz Phair, but I musta recognized the voice smile Some of my favorite new songs since I met my si friends are by her! So I was excited to watch the video format of the commercial and see why I had recognized her. Way cool!


You sound just like me! I went through AdCritic just a week ago trying to figure out who the different artist were!

I looooooooooooooooooove the new gap commercials. so much that jay learned how to play the song on the guitar for me—I’m forever bopping around the house singing it!

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