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mhd todo

I have a big list of things to work on during the next 24 hours.

Pick up packages from office
Make sugar cookie dough
Roll truffles and chill
dip truffles in chocolate frosting
clean kitchen and wash dishes
Watch White Christmas
Make Lisa’s Bracelet
Track remaining presents
Wrap all presents
Make cards for Lorna
Plan dinner for Sat and make shopping list
Call Megan about Sat and Sears card
Make sugar cookies
finish frosting sugar cookies
Make cookie press cookies
Make M&M cookies
Figure out what to bring to CA - wash clothes - E fold
Vacuum downstairs - E
Move boxes downstairs for Christmas stuff - E
Take out branches - E
Wash dishes again - E
Pay bills
Get pills
Get rid of headache ;)
E will eat Cookies for dinner ;)
Make bread for dinner



Kristiney! That’s naughty... try maybe 4 of those things and you’ll get through the day alive!!! ;) (went to the doc today.. see mah blog for more details)

woohoo! you’ve gotten so much done today - you rock sweetie!

love you! and btw, not only PIE, but COOKIES too!

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