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working so hard

I’m just dying here. I have SO much work that I must get done, and my brain keeps sliding back to how few days it is until the weekend and how much has to be done by then. I have such a big list already for what I’m doing tomorrow that I’m not sure I can get it all done. :sigh: And once again, I’m working thru lunch, eating with one hand, posting POs and checks with the other, and posting here while I wait for them to record. And I have weeks worth of other jobs to finish before December is over. :sigh: It sure is a lot of work to be someone who cares if you complete your jobs before the time you leave the job. My parents are gonna never be able to keep up with all of the tasks I do....

I feel like I’m working harder on the 4 days that I’m here than I was in entire 2 week periods. December is always busy for me, but this one is particularly bad.

just to keep me entertained this afternoon, I’m gonna make a list of all of the things I must accomplish before the mid/end of January. This will take several hours as I think about it and probably be edited and watched over the next few weeks.

  • Brand new price list - extended copy from last time. Completely repriced, reformated, and re-imaged for the graphics. Must be ready to hand out on January 1.
  • All forms redone with new logo. Rope form is almost done. Redo all peachtree forms internally. Fax Cover sheet. Make letterhead accessable to all computers.
  • Confirm all transations from 2000 have been entered by cross checking statements. This has been done through March only. Enter all journal entries and petty cash entries since March also. Record NSF checks since June when Lisa did it to. Adjust credit card statements and hi school pharmecy statments.
  • Get Annette to sort and purge old files
  • Understand year end proceedures for Peachtree and install new tax table (order new tax table)
  • Finish year end payroll tax calculations
  • Get webpage pages up and running - hardware pictures uploaded, and all catalog entries (no prices) uploaded as well.
  • mail out price lists to house/marge accounts. make checklist for regular customers. Must be done by Jan 1
  • Make instruction manuals for every normal job I do.
  • Revise dad’s phone number list.
  • Back everything up to CD from the year - including correspondence folders.
  • Get year end dad’s analysis done, as well as sales by sales runs analysis
  • Continue to keep up with day to day jobs - ordering, calling vendors, issuing statements, receiving items and checks, daily inventory sheets, etc.


Hey, but I accomplished SO much today - I am definately not all whiney-girl... I went through a pile of purchase orders 2" thick and sorted and paid and made them all ready for filing. It took me 1/2 of the day, but that’s okay. And I got my purchases board all fixed and corrected. I revised 3 different forms (I’m going through my locatis directories and updating things that I’m the only person who knows how to use them). I updated dad’s sales run sheet for my board. I printed out the starts to 3 projects for thursday. I got a lot done. I can’t wait for tomorrow smile

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