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big christmas tree

I don’t think I’ve posted about this yet, even though I think about it every time I go up and down my stairs!

Our apartment complex features the tallest living Christmas tree in Clark County smile AND, I have several windows that show me a PERFECT view - probably better than any one else in the complex just because of how the other trees around it are situated.

They have every inside branch lined with white lights - instead of the around the outside. So it has a beautiful skeleton effect with a perfect star on top. They light it up every year, and its very promiently viewable from the highway so everyone can enjoy it.

But I especially enjoy it because every time I go up or down my stairs after dark, I get a wonderful view. I have to stop and stare because it seems like such a miracle that a tree can look so pretty to remind us of a holiday that celebrates the One who made trees. It also helps put me in the Christmas mood - and that’s a happy and fun thing smile

So I just wanted to share the joy of a beautiful tree with you guys. I’m gonna snap some pictures of it, and when my film comes back, I’ll share smile


Oh Kristine! The Christmas layout is lovely! I’m looking at the Pixelitas designs and I feel like joining someday to get an inspiration.. smile

the tree sounds so very pretty!

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