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start of mhd

I worked so hard yesterday! I decided that it was about time to get some projects that have been on my desk for about a year started (because one of them now HAS to be done by the beginning of the year - a new price list - and the other just needed to be done). I accomplished SO much. I took all of the scanned images of hardware pieces and cleaned them up (because we just put the pieces on the scanner and so they had way grey backgrounds. I got the price list 1st draft done; mainly just waiting for a few touch ups that I’ll do thursday, and then dad to check it over to see if I missed anything he wants to sell in the next year. Yay!

So that felt a bit better.

And now, I can rest easier with the thoughts that I did get a lot done. Today is for relaxing, not for work stress.

I’m gonna put up Christmas lights in the windows today. And hopefully, make some more Christmas cookies. And sort out my presents and maybe even wrap a few of them. And cook something yummy for dinner tonight. I don’t have hugely high ambitions for today besides those things. Maybe some light cleaning, maybe some new graphics sets, maybe even turn on trillian. smile Wednesdays are the savior of my week smile

And now, I’m off to get a large glass of water and watch some TV to go back to sleep. Good night!

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