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The newest version (1.3) of Movable Type is now out!

I’m really loving this system - I really think that its a great combo of features and since it is still in development, I feel happy to be part of the original user base, and being able to not only donate money to help it grow, but also contribute comments on the forums.

This new release has got a couple of new good things in it like Entry-editing shortcuts and some improvements on how the system works for uploading files. New users who haven’t already installed the hack for "remember me" will appreciate that its already built in.

I still have a few features that I’m waiting for. I’d like the entry-editing shortcuts to work on bookmarklet, not just within the system. I’d like some better template organization - right now, it seems random and I’m using a lot of templates for theredkitchen. And the one I’d really like - in addition to setting the number of entries to show up on the main page, I’d like to be able to have a way to show the excerpts of the next entries at the bottom. See this thread for more info on this. And then, I’m looking forward to Jay’s next update to his search tools which I think will give us a way to find the most recent comments!!! yay!

So a big woo-hoo for upgrades!


It has been an awesome day for upgrades and new releases, hasn’t it!?