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Okay, I had a huge craving for meat last night. I kept looking at the pizza ads going "pepperoni, yum...." and the Marie Collenders ad with a turkey dinner meal going "yummmmmm...." And then I realized. Its been weeks since I had any meat. I’ve been eating with E and having all veggie things; even when we have gone out to eat lately, its been to places where I don’t normally get meat things. So I’m thinking that I need to go somewhere with something yummy and with meat soon :giggle:

Isn’t that silly?!


It’s not sillie, it’s strange, but not sillie...sillie would be dating said pound of beef smile

I have cravings for meat, too. But, probably not the same one’s you have.

LOL! };)

i have cravings for meat too, especially if i haven’t eaten any in a few days. usually, it’s beef, because up here i tend to eat more chicken and vegan meals. so i get myself a hamburger and i’m set for a couple of weeks smile

it’s not strange at allllllll! when you’re craving something, it really means that you’re needing something that’s in the thing you’re craving. if you’re craving beef, you probably need iron. if it’s just meat in general, you’re probably in need of protein. smile

love ya girl!

Hey chickie! I’m actually the same way. I like meat, just don’t eat a lot of it, but every once in a while I just **have** to have a steak, lol

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