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Even though Todd is one of the guys whose site I check out frequently (most of my favs are girls, but I make exception for him!), I can’t believe it! He has a picture of my most hated movie on the top of his blog!!! Ack!


is it the 'shoot your eye' out bit? or the sick, twisted father smile

I hate the tongue stuck to the light pole - it just is so ewwie!!!!

LOL!! Why do you hate that movie so much? Granted they WAY overplay it at the hoildays, but...

Thanks for making me an exception...you are just *too* cool! *smiles*

ohhh, i love that movie. mom, laurel, and i always watched it on tbs christmas day....it’s tradition. we laugh so hard. and the tongue part is great.

Ever since I saw the video/dvd cover for that movie I don’t think I’d be able to watch it. That kid creeps me out!

(I’ve never seen it...)

I’m not as anti- the movie as you are, but it’s not one of my favorites, either. *g* I more watch it for sentimental purposes...my aunt Georgie LOVED that movie. We watched it every Christmas together until she died. : ) So now I try to catch it at least once a year, which isn’t hard since they play it SO much. LOL

But speaking of Christmas movies....I think I’m gonna pop in White Christmas today while I study. WB didn’t play it this year for me. *pout* Wanna come over and watch with me?

We have so many inside jokes with that movie...it wouldn’t be the holidays without it around here!

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