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midnight caffeine?

I have a huge desire for a cherry coke. at 2:13am. That doesn’t sound like a wise choice, does it? Maybe I’ll go get some of the Niagra Viagra White Grape Juice in the fridge instead :giggle: Its Safeway brand and yummy smile

Yes, I’ve been dehydrated lately. So I’m always thirsty. But its especially odd that I would have such a pull to have cherry coke at this time of the night!!!!!


Ok retard...why in God’s green earth are you waking up at such freakish hours!! Yeah for juice rather then cherry coke! Give me a jingle later today so I can have a study break. Love you even thougth you are an alien who wakes up and craves caffene at weired times of the night.

I have missed a few days. I love the layout at the bottom.
Always enjoy reading ya. Happy Holidays!