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middle night rambles

We went shopping smile And E was excited to take me out and bring me to dinner while we were out. It was nice smile

(this paragraph is more for my organization than any interests-sake!!!) I got some of my presents. The rest of mom’s present, dad’s present, Lisa and Lori’s presents (Lisa’s still has some accents coming), part of Larry’s present, Matthew’s presents, and part of E’s grandma and Aunt Bonnie’s presents. And then some extention cords so I can put up lights from Target. It was very productive, and I feel really good about the stuff we got. So now, I can go through my list and double check what else I still have to get. I know I need to go to Sears and get a gift cert for Leonard (mom says he needs clothes). And probably I could save on freight for the thing I want for Meg if I went to Victoria’s Secret and picked it up. And I definitely need to go to Craft Warehouse to get the stuff for E’s mom’s present. I think everything else is coming from Amazon.

I was pretty tired out by the end of it all. But I made it. When I got home, I downloaded the new version of trillian to try it out and got to talk to my zalary-love, who I had been missing! And then AmyK and me talked for a long time about CFS.

I was a bit sad after that because the prospect of really truly being diagnosed with something so serious makes me worried. I know, its not an easy diagnosis and could take a long time to figure out if that is even what is wrong with me. But I want to be a good wife and sister and daughter and eventually mother; and its hard to imagine that when I’m this worn out and sickily.

So anyhow, E and me cuddled and watched some eps of Buffy. One that I even missed the first time through the series - Where the wild things are. How odd - it originally aired on my birthday in 2000. I wonder how I missed it! It was all about sex :giggle: We watched New Moon Rising, too. E says that we still have Friday’s eps, so yay for more Buffy smile

Hmmm, if you notice something weird about my journal, it could be because my host has stupidly let the user directories fill up on the server and they are at 95% capacity. Stupidheads! This morning when I got in, I had to rebuild my index page before it could be seen.

My toesies are cold. It was rainy again today - we’ve had a lot of rain - I guess November was a bit higher than normal rainfall - where last year was WAY under what it should have been. So it seems like floodyweather after that! And my weatherbug (who says its 42 righ tnow) says more rain is coming!

Okay, before I go lay back down, I’m gonna upload some files and play with the Santa I am drawing smile


LMAO, I went over to Aletia to read the boards and DevNull’s was quite hilarios "If you are on scorpion, could you be a good netizen and delete whatever you don’t need?"

Um, sorry but it is up to Aletia to keep things tidy and make sure there is enough room for everyone they put on there, geesh.

Good to see you up dear smile

hi kristine -

i still can’t get my gm to work right on scorpion. are you having problems still? i keep getting "cannot find server" errors and it looks like the comments aren’t posting, but then they show up. not to mention not being able to post an entry at all! sad

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