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sunshiney sunday!

the sun is shining!!
What a beautiful day it is!
Of course I only know this from looking out the window, not being out in it yet, but still, its nice to see blue sky instead of rain drops pitter pattering on the road.

I just got off the phone with Megan, and she’s studying hard. Its appears that finals week is hitting a lot of my friends this week - I’ll be sure to send some extra prayers up for each of you! I know that Rina’s starting on her finals, and I’d guess its the same for Cori and Sara. But the joy of finals during Autumn quarter is that when you leave, you get a wonderful Christmas celebration - it really used to pull me through the finals, no matter how hard they were.

I took another nap this morning after breakfast - just an hour or so - but it sure is nice to have weekends to be able to do that. E’s playing playstation, and I’m uploading stuff and surfing. We should go out and do a bit more shopping - I need to go to the craft store to get some things to make cards for E’s mom. And then we could go to lunch somewhere. But that would require showering and getting dressed :giggle:

I’m working on my posture (see #1). I feel like I’ve been sitting really badly lately and maybe that’s helping to worsen my aches and pains. I feel like a 40year old some days!!! So I’m trying to sit up straight while I type.

I need to go down and get my wallet so I can place some orders - at Amazon and at Victoria’s Secret and at Sea of Beads smile Then I’ll have 75% of everything on its way smile Yippee!!! smile

Maybe instead of showering, I’ll just get my hair a bit wet and braid it and attach them with the cute lavendar hair thingies from Zalary and go out like that smile That sounds nice smile

Oh, you might wanna go see the cute little snowman set I made on my webpage jewelry page. He’s cute. His sister, the sledgirl, didn’t turn out nearly as nice as I’d have liked and I may take her down later on today. I have one more set almost done so hopefully I’ll make it for 3 this weekend smile I’m definitely beginning to feel the Christmas spirit!

Speaking of which, I need to pull out my Christmas CDs and put them on shuffle downstairs and decorate smile Doesn’t that sound like fun?! Anybody wanna come and help? I’d love some smiling faces to ohhhh and ahhhh with me at the lights ;)