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lala and amy

Did I mention that I had a dream the other night with Laura and Amy as the main stars? I was sleeping at Amy’s house, I believe smile (Yes, I sleep in my dreams!!!) It was a very interesting dream. I think we had fun ;)

I have had many dreams lately about my blogging friends. Probably because my blogging friends are my favorite people :giggle:


Really? You dreamed about us? How funny!! I’ve dreamed about people online lots and lots of times too - it always cracks me up! So we were just sleeping? Did we have cute pajamas on?

Tee hee, I don’t remember about pjs, but you and Amy were pulling a scam on some guy. I don’t know if it was your hubby or hers, but you had to make him think that you didn’t like each other for some reason :giggle: I know I was sleeping there, and I felt bad that you two were fighting. But I think it was all a show because I woke up and you were all happy and sweet to each other when the guy wasn’t there. LOL! I am just too wacky that I remembered all of that once I started typing!

Kristine! How funny!! Did we look cute as were pulling this scam? LOL!

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