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Garden Botanika

Today is 20% off day at Garden Botanika for Garden Card members! I love these days, and when I remember to take advantage of them smile I figure that with even just the purchase I’m gonna make today for some Christmas presents and some things for me, I’ll be more than paying for my garden card. So go and check them out - and if you need any help knowing what something is like, I’m the expert ;)

They have some *great* gift sets this year. Mini Brushes, glittery eye shadow sets, candles, makeup bags, bunches of stuff. I’m getting myself a few things because I’m almost out of mascara, and my makeup bag from 3? years ago (wow, I’ve been buying GB stuff for a long time!) is getting worn out. And some stuff for my sisters presents.... and my mom had a list of skin care stuff she wanted a few months ago and I forgot to get it on a tuesday that was cheap until now ;) I’m silly

So anyhow, if you need some gift ideas, you might wanna check them out today smile


oooh.. glittery eye shadow sets! alie loves eye shadow. fun fun fun!

my name is alie too, and i lurrrrv gemglitterygem eye-shadow as well smile

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