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chirp, sleep, and musica

My weather bug was chirping at me this morning - another winter warning for this area. I sure don’t envy Annette’s husband, who is out camping in the hills while hunting :giggle: Its actually colder here than it is in most of the country. I’ve got my mexico-blanky over my legs at my desk at work while I work because its chilly!

I went to bed at 8 last night (after getting home from shopping @7 and eating), and didn’t wake up till 3!!!! That’s the longest consecutive sleep for 2 months+!!!! I got up and surfed and then took a little nappy for an hour before showering in a really hot shower to warm me up!

On the way to work, I slept all the way here. E could see how tired I was and turned the heat up and said "take a nap." What a nice 15 minutes smile If I thought I could get away with it, I woulda curled up on the floor with my blanky :g:

I’ve got my music on loud - its at least 10 minutes till the employees get here, and it feels freeing to me. I actually opened my bank-statement folder when I got here to try and work on that... I’m months behind. And its almost the end of the year and I’m gonna need to get these expenses in. Anybdoy wanna volunteer to come and help me? I have to do them in single user mode, which means it has to be before 8:20 when Annette gets here or after 3:30 when she leaves. Which makes it hard to fit in time to do them... which is why I’m behind.

Now its time for working. Lets see if I can keep my eyes open to do that ;)

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