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cookie decoratiosn

Well, that’s odd.... I just spent some time looking for a source for those little silver ballies that go on Christmas cookies - I found out that they were called dragees, but that some had been recalled off the shelves for containing trace amounts of actual silver!! So now, they are really hard to find, and everywhere I looked has big disclaimers about them being inedible!!

I was actually looking forward to using them to decorate my sugar cookies this year, but if they are making such a big deal about NOT selling them, I guess I won’t. Dorks.

Oh, I am known for my Christmas cookie making smile I can’t wait to start on that this year. Last year, I did tons of sugar cookies, decorated of course. I did russian teaballs (which always get eaten so fast!) I made candy canes (which I usually make while watching White Christmas). And it seems like something else was in the mix.... I’ll have to back and see.

I already stocked up on flour, brown sugar, and baby m&ms when they were on sale. I need sugar, and butter, and eggs. That’ll be the basics, and then when I decide on what other kinds of cookies I want to make, I’ll get accessories smile I’d like to try some shortbread this year. Maybe something else fun like gingerbread men. Oh, and I got a cookie press this year from target. I can’t wait to try that out.

I’m gonna take a nice plate with me full of my cookies to CA with me smile I don’t think we are having a company party this year, so I’ll just randomly make them and bring them in for people to enjoy smile Even though they don’t deserve them ;) Aren’t I a little snot?!

Yay for cookie season!


no that can’t be true.... I need edible silver balls....

then i don’t know where my mom gets her’s because she always has those silver balls. all my life, she’s decorated her cut-out cookies with those balls. and we always eat them....we’re not about to stop now.

they are sort of scary though. when you drop them in soda, you get this science-experiment type reaction. heh.

I bought some dragees last week for halloween cookies. If you are still looking for them, try Kitchens Etc.

Anyway, I was SOOOO surprised to read they are *inedible,* and for decoration only! How odd. So I decided to look for information about this on the web ... I mean, why sell something that looks like food and say it isn’t food? Well, among other things, I found your web page, which is very cool. I’ll have to browse the rest of the sight a bit.

Dragees. Now picture having someone over to your house and you serve them pretty spangly, sparkly cookies. You have to tell them to pick off the decorations because they are inedible? This inevitably leads to one or more social faux pas. Do you tell people that you have used an inedible product on the food you have served them? Do you not tell them? I can see a varity of peoples' reactions, wondering if you are trying to poison them or if you have lost your mind. So then what do they do? Spit them out? Or is it more proper to pick them off before eating? Or do all the macho guys say "ha, I’m imperviious to posion" and then have a contest to see how many they can stuff into their mouth at once?

Bwuhhahha haa .... Beware the Poison Halloween Cookies!


btw, I work with Indians who revere eating thinly pounded silver leaf on food, expressly for its ayurvedic medicinal properties, as well as decoration. Interesting clash between East and West regarding health. I’m sure there are lots of substances that are fine in small quantities but fatal if consumed in large quantities. Salt. Saccarine. What else? Hey, I’m not in medicine....

Wow, I’ve never heard them called that before. My mother used to do cake decorating (wedding cakes and stuff), and they were always called cashous! I’ve even got a jar in the cupboard labelled as such! And they ARE the best part! Mind you, I probably live in one of those countries that considers them edible! :rolleyes:
I found this site that sells them, and it says they’ve been considered inedible in the US for quite a while. :eek:

And what’s with this "jimmies" business? They are sprinkles or hundreds & thousands! You lot are strange! ;)

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