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ExciteAtHome Cleared to Disconnect: "The end users may be affected by these proceedings but they are not parties to these proceedings,'' Carlson said. "Bankruptcy typically causes much disruption all the time, leading to loss of jobs and services to communities.''

I’m not sure if this means me or not... I pay AT&T@home for my service, and I can’t tell if that’s a seperate entity than Excite@home which is having a disturbance. I have a feeling they are the same. So what am I supposed to do without the service that I’m paying for? I’m gonna be way pissed.

And poor people who have their webpages hosted there - I got a letter from Jenn that she is worried her graphics site might go down. That’s way sucky too.


Hey chickie!

Okay I was with @home as well with a local cable company. A month or so ago I got an email from the cable company giving me a URI to go through their conversion process. This updated my email from an @home to @cogeco.ca and my @home webspace to @cogeco webspace. You lose all @home services including email and if you have @home space YOU do the transfer to your new space.

So you should get something very very shortly from AT&T with regards to changing, so should Jenn.

see, I’m not worried about the email addresses, and I’ve never used their free space... but I am worried about my connection stopping. And E gets the email and correspondence from them, and I’m pretty sure he’s irresponsibly deleted the mail. Boogerhead.
So yep, if I disappear and don’t come posting, you’ll know I’m stranded in non-connection land!!!

Wow, thanks for the info Trish!! We’ll keep an eye out for that here smile Kristine, I hope you aren’t affected by this too sad Man this royally sucks...

we are effected here too. We have cox@home and we got the same email as you.
Mike said that excite provides the service to cox (I assume I’d be the same for at&t).

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