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I’m listening to a nice shuffle of music while I wait for E smile
Wanna play name that tune?
1. "I can lay my body down but I can’t find my sweet release...."
2. "It’s okay. I’ll do what I want if I choose. I can take the fall..."
3. "6 whole hours, and 5 long days, for all your lies to come undone."
4. "I memorize the way our legs entwined as I drift off beside you."
5. "Better send a postcard and keep the family quiet"

Have fun!


1. "Rest in Peace", Spike wink

The rest... I don’t know..!!

But I do know the first one... i find myself singing it all the time..!

You need to listen to music that I know so I can play. wink

Sorry, Amy, those were just the next 5 I heard on my list smile I’ll try again another set if this one is fun smile

Sammy’s very right ;) I love it when that one randomly comes up on my playlist!!! I’ll tell what the others are later on smile

I apparently suck ass at this game. I don’t know any of them!!

4 is Stabbing Westward, Waking up Beside You. That song always makes me cry.

Hey, how dumb am I? I just used your skins for the first time - how cool!!! I need to get skinned at my site. yeah right. That might take about 3 months to accomplish. ROFL!

a couple others...
#2... Van Halen’s "Don’t Tell Me"
#3... Josie & the Pussycats "Three Small Words"

Well others got here first, but I knew the spike and josie songs smile

hey, you guys got them all but the last one - Uncle Alverez by Liz Phair!! smile Good job, I’ll do this again sometime soon smile

Amy, I’m glad you found my skins :giggle:

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