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blogsnob adding

I’ve got my blogsnob listing added now - wanna see what I went with?

You can check out my sidebar for the other links smile I’ve already seen one that mentioned pie - maybe my greeting is catching on ;)


Just surfing and found your blog. I love the colors and the design you have. I don’t know what a blogsnob is....do I want to strive to be one? lol. If I do then I have a long way to go to reach my goal Im sure.

LOL Adorable!!!! It IS a pretty catchy phrase ;)

much better than my "here fishy fishy fishy"! LOL. would you mind if i stole your code for the border around the ads? i really like how it looks.

Marsha, that’s a cute saying!

And feel free - I just put blogsnob javascript here - just take the periods out of the tags and you are set smile

(see, that’s css-kisses right there!! smile )

So. What’s with the pie fetish lately? smile

Well, I was really sad one day. And I had this craving for PIE! And so E took me to Shari’s, and I got a piece of coconut cream (which I hadn’t had for years!), and so I decided that I needed to start saying pie instead of hi and bye. It was a silly late night post, and some of my friends thought it was funny, so its become my fav greeting :giggle:
Silly, huh?!

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