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night sounds

well, I’ve been up long enough to read all my daily reads+. And I’ve been playing with the MT search engine Jay’s working on. I have one instance working (see bottom of the index page - feel free to try it out!), and I’m working on a copy of it for theredkitchen. My alternate templates aren’t working as well as I was hoping, but its 12:30, and I’m sure I’m missing something.

Oh, yes, came over here to post the sounds I hear while sitting here.

I hear trains. at least 2 of them have gone by in the last hour. The train tracks are on the other side of Hwy 14 from here - so pretty close.
I hear cars on the hwy. More accurately, I probably am just hearing semis go by because I only hear the louder cars.
I hear airplanes. I know the flights are less at night, but I’ve heard at least one flight take off. (the airport is just on the other side of hwy 14 and the river from here - less than 3 miles, I think).
I hear the clink click of my keyboard. Its quiet, but when its the only sound actually in the house, its not so quiet.
I hear the wind. Its pushing on the windows periodically to make the house shift. It throws rain into the window to make me jump.

These are the sounds here in the night. What do you hear?


trains. the tracks are less than a half mile from school, running paralell to hwy. 11. i also hear kids out in the quad talking, and it’s especially loud since i’m on the first floor of my building, right near two sets of doors, and the main sidewalk that leads to crane and the union.

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