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Well, my list got put aside mostly. I took one more nap after lunch. I’m starting to wonder if my tiredness is something more severe with the need for so much sleep. I’ll defintely be doing some research on chronic fatigue and maybe some other things before my next dr. appt.

I’ve been working on the updated forum for blogplates, and making the icons orange to match smile

And I have fresh bread cooking for dinner for E... we are gonna have spaghetti and bread and corn for dinner.

I listened to some fun buffy and spike sound clips I found this afternoon ;) And read the article that Rina linked to! wow! smile I do love them, and need to post my thoughts on biteme!, which are a bit diff than some of the others over there.

Now E is home and we shared dinner, and I’m gonna go straight to bed after buffy is over. in 53 minutes. I’m still exhausted.

PIE!!! And a special PIE!!! for Zalary smile


I just sent you an e-mail—I hope it helps! And I hope you get the best night’s sleep of your life tonight... Hang in there!

Stress/depression/anxiety can all effect how much you sleep.. its one way your body tells you that things need to change... do look up CFS because i don’t know all the symptoms... i know i can sleep 12 to 15 hours easily on a weekend if given the chance...

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