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sleepy mhd

well, what fun this morning has been....
I’ve slept most of the morning until about a half hour ago. How could I be this tired? Its just absolutely crazy. I feel so worn out.
So, I’ve slept most of my day off away, and not accomplished anything yet.
So I should be looking at my list and seeing what is most important to get done today. But I still feel kinda odd, and I can’t guarentee that I won’t go and climb back into bed. So I guess I’ll take one step at a time. do little pieces of my list and not worry about the rest until I have to.

happy mental health day to me. smile


Enjoy the rest!

mmm sleeping is good.

try to take it easy and enjoy your day no matter what you do/don’t get done.

and remember, i love you! PIE!!!

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