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Vancouver Mall expansion

Ohhhh... I saw this in our paper last week and again this morning - Westfield prepares mall expansion, but details are scant "While not specifying a tenant, Westfield America Inc. is planning a major addition to Westfield Shoppingtown Vancouver, one big enough to accommodate a new department store or major expansion of a current one. "

I love our mall. Its just great smile Even though it has a stupid name now - Westfield Shoppingtown instead of Vancouver Mall?!

I wonder what department store they would add? We have Meier and Frank, JCPennys, Sears, Nordstroms, Mervyns, and Old Navy is the newest-large-addon. I’m not sure what else they would add. We have no Bon Marche in the Portland/Vancouver area, but I think they are related to M&F, so I doubt that would come in. There’s no more Wards, so that’s not an option. I don’t know what else is in our NW area to add! I look forward to seeing what they are gonna do smile

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