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holiday gifts

As I make my Christmas lists for who I’m buying for, I need to remind myself to reread The 13 worst holiday spending blunders and also don’t fall into the Eric-trap of stingyness. Sometimes in the middle smile

Kristine, write your list of who you are buying for today. Don’t forget or put it off one more day. You already feel behind, so write the dang list and then you’ll feel closer to on top of Christmas. Before December.



I need to do that, myself. I need to plan for Christmas but somehow I never end up doing that... it’s always, "I’m going to make stuff for everyone this year", then it’s a week until Christmas, I don’t have any craft supplies, and I have to battle my way through the shopping centre panicking about what to get people, impulse buying left and right, worrying about the ratio of presents so one person doesn’t get more than another... not that anyone cares by the end of the day, but I’m so paranoid that if I get more for one person than I do for another then there’ll be hurt feelings. I need to stop thinking so much wink

great article! i needed to read that - i get insane when it comes to spending during christmas - and i really can’t afford to do that this year.

oh, and kristine - write your list out! smile heh - just another reminder.

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