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sunday revisited

good morning smile

My sunday was just delightful! We took the girls to Red Robin before heading to the mall.

And then we went to every major fun store in the mall smile Victoria’s Secret - I got 2 bras (light blue and light grey), and their 5 string bikinis for 19.50 on sale smile (light blue, light grey, dark grey, and two blue patterns they don’t show). I needed this stuff SO badly! Well, at least the bras, and these are my very favorite style of undies, and having enough to last a few weeks w/o washing is always a nice thing smile

From there, we went searching the mall for Megan’s friends who were shopping - Desire� and her roommate Lindsay. They are fun smile We walked around with them for quite a while, and went to AE smile My girls are ae-freaks, and it rubs off on me. I’m a bit less sporty than some of the stuff there, but they have some great stuff, and its especially fun to check out the clearance rack because they mark down really nicely! I found a $10 button up shirt that looked really good - light blue, and the perfect color of light blue to match my jeans. And then, there was a jacket on the clearance rack. It wasn’t super-clearance (59 instead of 80), but it was red with a wonderful navy lining, and it looked just casual enough like a hooded zip up sweatshirt is, but in a warmer version. I’ve been wearing E’s letterman jacket during the winters for the last few years, but I think the time has come to retire that idea. So I think this will be an excellent winterish coat, without being super heavy. I’ve got one that’s huger and yucky from high school if it gets really cold, but for a general thing - this will work perfect for the temps we have in this area. I didn’t cut the tags off yet, just in case I see something better for cheaper, but I liked it.

We went to Old Navy, but they had NOTHING. I am always sad when that happens because sometimes, I could spend a hundred dollars on stuff in there, and then yesterday, I tried on one shirt and that was it. Tons of the sweaters that are out right now and icky, and so trying them on isn’t worth the time.

We didn’t get back to Lerners, or any of the other department stores. I tried on some overalls at JCPennys that made me look like a cow. Ix-Nay to the Overalls there! I think we’ll try Walmart today.

After that, we took the girls to Coldstone, which I’d been wanting for quite a while now smile Yummmmmmmm.....

Now, if I can make it through this short work week without self destructing, it’ll be a miracle. We have some of the most irresponsible employees, and I’m worried about what will happen now that dad didn’t resolve anything on friday. BUT, only 2 days. And Megan’s here, so I have a reason to leave the office before the middle of the night hopefully. I’m anxious about Thanksgiving because there is so much hostility between Leonard and me right now (not from me, he just refuses to be kind to me), and that doesn’t make for a great family holiday. BUT, I’m only here for two days. I can make it smile

Here I go, delving into my pile of work smile


YAY!! I am so glad you had such a wonderful happy Sunday with your boy and your sisters. You definitely deserved it. I’ll still be praying for you and the work thing - but you can do it, girl. LOVE YOU!

yay for great weekends!!

stay strong... i know you can get through anything that comes your way! smile

That sounds like a great weekend. And your jacket sounds really cute- you should keep it! Enjoy looking cute!

I’m praying for you too. You’ll make it!

what a day! i think it’s so cool that you eat at red robin. i work there! well, not there there, but there here!