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I’ve tried to get into the Colorgenics thing several times, but it just doesn’t seem to do it for me as a personality analysis. Just because I happen to like a certain set of colors at a certain time, I don’t think that it cam predict who I am. I will never be attracted to orange and yellow as much as some of the other colors, but maybe I *feel* yellow today. . . how do I know? Anyhow, I took this twice, once on friday and once tdoay, and got vastly different results - I tried to forget what I picked last time... and neither of them were very on. I know that some of my friends felt this was exactly right - I wish I could, too. I guess I’ll just stick to my favorite tests - the ones based on the ISTJ profiles.


We both took it—selected colors in totally different orders—and our analysis was almost identical in places. Christine had paragraphs almost exactly like mine, too. After reading everyone else’s, I got the opinion they just had a few randomly generated paragraphs that were vague enough you’d feel it was talking to "you"—until you read a copy of someone else’s.

Hi gals,
Just wanted to comment on the colorgenics stuff. I am a psychology student and I haven’t really done any study on the science of this thing, but I know that it is a Mood analysis, and not a Personality analysis. That’s why its different every time. Personality stays the same, its stable, but moods aren’t. I have found it to be quite accurate, sometimes you have those days when you’re feeling- blah- you don’t really know, so sometimes it helps me to interpret those feelings, often I go- whoa- I couldn’t describe it, but they got it spot on! Some of my friends think its pretty good too!

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