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After many hours of tweaking today, I finally have the full updates made for love-productions smile Yay!

I learn more each time I do this - I find out where the bugs in my coding were last time, and get the joy of trying to figure out why some pages do different things than others. Its a fun challenge.

I really like how this new design turned out. I did it completely from scratch - just me and photoshop, and a teeny bit of help from a few filters, but mostly just me smile It was a challenge for me, after being inspired yet again by eyeball-design, I finally felt ready to try out something a little more interface-y smile And yay, it worked! smile

If you didn’t see my post before, I also have several new skins - you might want to check them out smile I had to tweak a bit to have it all working with Movable Type (which also is a new things), but it seems to be working all fine now smile

Of course, I always have more plans up my sleeve for this domain (and future ones ;) ), and never stop dreaming. I can’t wait till the next steps, and the joy that will come with them.

Blessings to you!!!


yay! i’m so glad you got it all up and going! whee! this design is so beautiful and i’m so in awe of your skills.

love you muchly sweetie!

it looks really good! smile

Oh Kristine! It’s so absolutely beautiful. I love this new look. Absolutely love it! Why can’t I do something like this? No. I have to draw a complete blank. Figures. LOL

Anyway, keep up the good work. It’s so gorgeous. I look forward to the next one. *Hugs*

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