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quiet night at home

ahhhh... a quiet sunday night.
The room is silent 'cept for the tapping of my fingers, and the hummmm of the computers. We turned off the TV a few hours ago, and have been just working on our various projects.

Is this what I envisioned married life would be? I don’t know. I never expected I’d find a man that would accept the hours I love to spend on my computer, giving to others and putting my housework aside. I never expected to have a man so loving that he would put my needs to just stay in before his desires to go out and shop or drive around town or be out and watch a movie together. I never expected a man who would be so sexy but still just let me cuddle with him in bed instead of needing to push harder for the more physical thing.

My views of marriage were a bit skewed, because I always thought I’d be a devoted wife who always kept the house clean, and basically set aside what I wanted to do to make our family work better. I see now that I was being too hard on myself, that I didn’t need to change *me* to find love. I will never be a perfect housewife, never keeping everything clean and organized, and every once in a while, a bill will get missed and some dishes won’t be clean. But I will always remember events and schedule time to fit in the things that *need* to be done and I’ll always be looking to the future. My strengths suit our relationship. Between the two of us, we are a bit too much of homebodys, but its okay, because in most everything else, we balaance each other out.

So I sit here, working on some projects, and reading prayers in my email box (which blessed me and made me feel reflective) and cleaning my craft desk and knowing that this was a good weekend for relaxing and just being loved.



sounds just like my relationship. although we haven’t gotten married yet, we will and i am just as lucky as you are to have someone who allows me to have the time i want and need on my computer, who pushes me out of the kitchen when i am tired and tells me he will do the dishes himself because he has more energy than i do or just because he feels that i did too much that day already. it really is a nice feeling being able to cuddle up to him in bed and know that more isn’t expected of you, that you can fall asleep in his arms and he will keep you warm. we have it really good, don’t we? *smiles softly*

You can add me into the "comfortable, happy and grateful" camp... I never really had any expectations of married life; I didn’t think things would change the moment Nathan and I married, and it didn’t, and I’m very happy. It’s beautiful being with someone who simply loves being with you and taking care of you smile

Coffeebug, your description of your relationship made me smile!

Hmm.. well I’m not married... but as good as. smile And I love it. I’m sick a lot and Andy my honey does the cooking, most of the cleaning (I like to do what I can), the fruit'n'veg shopping (I was feeling too sick so he dropped me home and went back) and just general hugs and kisses when I feel low. smile

It’s simply lovely to have somebody say 'No... rest. I’ll take care of it.' smile

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