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mexican chatting

E surprised me by coming to pick me up even earlier than I expected smile So we went out to eat, because its always such fun to be able to chat together, just us alone at a restaurant for a while. We were looking for Bruchi’s because he had a coupon and heard they had a yummy vege sub. I thought I’d seen on in the complex with ColdStone, but nope. So we went into this pizza place to see what it was like, and we were debating - when my brother walked in. wow, how odd is that! We NEVER run into each other. He said hi, and immediately went and sat down (couldn’t get away from me fast enough, I guess). We left (I didn’t want pizza that much, and besides, didn’t want to have to sit and bother him the whole dinner) and walked down the complex to check out the mexican restaurant. It was SO cute - little boxed in booths for each table... so we ate there smile I don’t like chicken taquitos apparently (I’m a newbie to mexican, so I’m still learning what I like!), but the chile rellanoes was excellent smile BUT, I ate too much to be hungry for ice cream... oops. And I really wanted some coldstone. E promised we could go back, though smile

Oh, when we got home, there was a message on the answering machine - our freezer is coming between 10 and 1 today smile yay! So that means we should be down cleaning the garage. :g:

Oh, my dreams have been very vivid and colorful lately. And way creative - things I never would have imagined. I think that I’m so close to floating awake when I sleep right now that the dreams are on the top of my brain more easily so I remember.

So now I’ve had my breakfast and get to play, while E plays Crono Cross, I think I’ll work on fixing my main pages with the new design smile Happy happy!!! smile

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