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new skins

I’ve added two new skins for my journal.

As I implement the new design to my main site, I thought I’d like to have it as an option over here. The main site still needs some tweaking, and without all my files, I can’t get it all done until I get home, but its close!

So I added the regular new love-tech design over here, and then an all-css version with the same colors, which I’m surfing with right now smile

So check them out, see if there’s something you like smile I took off the candy corn set off the index page, but if you are still using it, it will work for you smile


hon, i absolutely LOVE the new look for the main site! fantastic!! absolutely! smile

Wowee! I love the new skins! I especially love the coloured patterns in the heart and the moon - absolutely stunning! smile

kristine, i LOVE the new site look! awesome!!

Lookin' GOOD—two snaps in a big ol' circle! It’s awesome!

Kristine, you ROCK! The new look is gorgeous, just like you. I love it!


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