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stuck in head!

After listening to the Buffy songs so many times, they are permanentlyy stuck in my head! I think I know all of the words now, and its such fun. I keep realizing that I’ve got a different part stuck in my head each time LOL! So I’m off to sleep with buffy-on-the-brain smile


You’re weird Kristine smile But I love you anyway smile

LOL! I have the same problem. I’m doing what I had previously (UGH) done with nsync - I’m scrolling through the musical in my head. I’ll be humming away and realize that I’m about a half hour of music away from the last time I was humming. Plus, the tinest thing sets off Xander/Anya’s duet in my mind!! I love their song SO much. Reminds me of Leonard Bernstein songs, and old musicals, and makes me happy. Only 33 hours left.

i just made myself a cd of all the songs from the musical episode myself - and have been listening to it for 2 days straight AND i have a four hour drive today which will obviously be filled with MORE exposure to it! i know exactly what you mean about getting bits stuck in your head—different melodies, certain lines—it’s sick, but it’s oh so fun!

Dammit it, all of a sudden, our of no-where I hear "warm yet supple tight...embrace" and I’ve got to listen again

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