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tea drinking

Heather mentioned that she was looking for ways to drink tea, and it got me thinking, too. I know a bunch of my si girls drink tea, and I have gotten good suggestions from them in the past for how to drink it.

My favorite that I recently tried out was Peach tea - you can get it in one of the fruit mixes that Celestial Seasonings has, but I haven’t seen it by itself before. I put a spoonful or so of sugar in it and stirred until it was dissolved. Then I put in some irish cream powered creamer. What a delightful creamy mixture it was! It soothed my throat and gave me a wonderful start to my day. I think I’m gonna start making tea to drink with breakfast. It sure would keep me warm for the drive to work smile


i like peppermint tea, which i get from celestial seasonings. i drink it with one equal tablet and a little bit of skim milk. sweet, but not too sweet, and plenty minty. yummy yummy yummy!

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