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$1000 - where does it go?

According to an iSyndicate Article I just read....

An average American finds a forgotten $1,000 in an old pair of pants. What does he do with it? According to a survey that market researchers Ipsos-Reid conducted in late October, 2001, the most popular choice would be to make the home homier.

The 1,000 consumers polled were asked to allocate the windfall among several categories of expenditures. On average, this is how the participants saw themselves disposing of the cash:

36%—home improvements including renovations, furniture or major appliances.
24%—vacation or leisure travel.
15%—clothing or other personal items.
15%—home entertainment equipment, or electronic products such as stereos, televisions, computers, cell phones, or upgrading the equipment they already own.
10%—local entertainment such as going to restaurants, movies, sporting events or concerts.

What would you do with $1000 if you had it right now??

Looking at my expenses last weekend, I already spent a bunch of it.
45% went to a major appliance
30% went to long term food purchase (vegemeat, enough to last at least 6 months)

The rest, I’m sure I already have spent on Christmas presents, and travel to CA for Christmas, but if I could just spend it? I’d go shopping. I need enough stuff for my wardrobe that $250 would be perfect for a trip to Victoria’s Secret to get some new bras, a visit to Lerners and Old Navy for winter clothes - maybe a sweater, some overalls, some new shirts. Maybe some new socks and a pair of payless shoes?

Kinda fun to think about smile

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