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quiet business

Its really amazing. The phones have turned from their normal busyness to almost nothing within the course of a few weeks. The orders have trickled in slower. There isn’t nearly as many projects going on. The shelves of orders to ship out and nearly bare and caught up. December is always slow for us, but November hasn’t been this slow in recent history. I think the buyers for pet stores must be workin on the theory that they will be more reserved in their buying because of the status of the economy.
It sure seems slow to me, like we are walking in slow motion all of a sudden. If its this slow now, how will I make it through December without being utterly bored and how on earth will they be able to afford the normal employees paychecks, moreless mine?

Has anyone else noticed this in their place of work?


J has mentioned to me the same thing where he works (even though we are in Canada, alot of their business comes from the US) He says that there is so little to do and they are discourgaging employees from taking overtime. EEP!

it’s all pretty scary, I think. I hope that things get better soon.

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