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I feel anxious for some reason. My feet are bouncing, and I can’t seem to concentrate. Maybe I need another nap smile

I’m working on two new graphics sets and they are almost ready to put up, but I just am not in the mood to work on anything.

. . .

Several hours late, I wake up from yet another nap. I sat in bed and read October’s Real Simple until my eyes were tired and I feel asleep until after 12. Oops. I got lots of sleep, though, which means lots more energy, right? My face still hurts, but it’ll be better soon smile

We went off to Best Buy and ordered a Freezer - they sold them all yesterday, so we’ll have to wait a week, but that’s okay. My mom said there was room in the freezer for the stuff we’ll buy tomorrow smile And we still got the 10% off deal, which paid for the deliver charge and tax smile We browsed a bit but didn’t buy anything else. And went for some dinner to Red Robin. I have been SO thirsty, even though I’m drinking water all the time. Maybe that’s good, my body is reacting to the fact that I need more liquid or something.

And now, I’m sitting here feeling more productive. Yay smile So here I go, to upload some sets smile I’ll let ya know if I have fun things to show off smile


kristine, i keep thinking that there is more to your thirstiness, exhaustion, etc. are you sure you’re not pregnant? or could it be something else? there just seem to be so many physical symptoms that are more than just being generally overworked. would you please have a doctor check you out?

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