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silly sleeping!

E and me watched a few Buffys last night, and it was fun smile He got bored around 7, and it was so dark that I thought it might be time for bed. He tricked me :giggle: But then, I climbed into bed and realized how early it was, but I was sleepy, so I feel asleep! Sooooo, when I got up at 2, I already had 7 hours of sleep :g: I worked TONS on my new design in the last hour. I got bunches done, and worked out some of the kinks. Netscape does some odd things to me, though, and that’s bothering me a bit. Its all viewable, just there’s an odd space that I’m not sure how to get rid of. So I’ll tweak a bit more and see what I can do. I *might* have it ready to actually go up tomorrow (okay, today), but we’ll see. I hate to put it up w/o having it completely ready!

We are gonna go spend a ton on vegemeat today - the sale is so good and will be so worth it, but its kinda funny to think about investing so much into E’s food :giggle: It’ll mean our shopping trips for the next 6 months or so will be less, though, so I’m sure it will all balance out smile

My face is starting to feel better - yay! All that sleeping must have helped get me over this bug that was trying so hard to pull me down. I think all my water-drinking musta helped me fight it too. But how weird is that? a migraine bug? I thought so, too. But Annette had the exact same things. So maybe we had a bug, and I was just suseptible to a migraine during it. Yeah, that must be it.

I know, I post boring things on the weekend. I am not so exciting on the weekends, its true. That’s me, though, real and exposed.... and some of you love me for that smile I think its time for a futon-nap until real-morning comes smile And maybe some tv. I wonder what infomercial I can watch tonight? :giggle: