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midnight aches

Well, I finally broke down and took one of my precious expensive zomigs last night to try and knock this migraine out of my system. I think its gone. But in its path of destructions, I have a sore side of my face. This was a left side migraine - giving me twinges of pain in my left eye. So I feel like after 5 days of off and on pain, I have a bruise below my eye and next to my nose. I have a odd feeling possible swollen gland in my neck on that side, like you get when a cold’s coming on? underneath my jawbone towards my ear is really sensative, and if I touch it, it feels bruised. Blinking hard still hurts. This was *definitely* a doozy.

E gave me a nice backrub and let me go to bed early last night - we watched one of our buffy eps beforehand, curled up on the couch. Tee hee, I laughed at it, even though I’d seen part of it before. It was nice to laugh after a really long week.

I woke up to get a drink and go pee, and now I’m surfing. I think soon, I’ll go watch tv until I fall alseep downstairs. I’m such a dork for getting into this pattern. I wish I could sleep ALL night for once - its been a month and a half at least now. Goodnight.


Yikes... everytime I read your description of migraine hell, I just _feel_ for you. I can’t imagine what it’s like to go through that kind of pain ( ( ( ( Kristiney ) ) ) )